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Sharrell Perry

Born and raised in beautiful Montana.  

Sharrell has a natural ability to capture the essence of Montana's wildlife and beautiful vistas.  When you see her scenic mountains, waterfalls or rolling country hills you can't help but be amazed!

"When I have my camera in my hand looking at something beautiful I'm in my 'Happy place'.   I hope my pictures do the same for you."

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Tammie Hagen

Born and raised in beautiful Montana.  

I am inspired and amazed at the beauty and wonder all around me.  Having lived in the Flathead Valley most of my life has been amazing.  I love capturing the never-ending scenic views, the wildlife and birds, and whatever else captures my attention.

Nothing gives me more joy than when I have been able to capture the essence and feeling of what has inspired me and share that with others.    


Welcome to our Gallery!


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